Special Deals for Soldiers and Veterans

Photo Credit: Department of Defense


Below, you’ll find a number of great deals and special discounts for soldiers, veterans, and in some cases, their families.

Our goal is to continue adding to the list until it features at least 250 special deals on a wide variety of products and services.

We will continue to do research to find businesses already offering discounts to soldiers and veterans, and to reach out to numerous others to encourage them to do the same thing.

You can help us (and other soldiers and vets) by contacting us if you know of any deals or discounts we can add. And, you can also mention this page in social media and ask your friends and followers to let us know if they are aware of any deals we can add.

Special Deals for Soldiers and Veterans


 Ford offers a $500 cash bonus.

General Motors offers variable discounts.

Hyundai military-program.aspx> offers $500 discounts.

Lincoln offers $750 discounts.

Nissan offers variable discounts.

Volvo offers variable discounts and/or incentives.


Budget Car Rental offers discounts of up to 50%.

Hertz Car Rental offers discounts and upgrades, when available.

Thrifty Car Rental offers a veterans advantage program.


Oakley offers exclusive pricing.

Rack Room Shoes offers a 10% discount.

Under Armour offers a 10% discount.


AT&T Cell Phone Plans are available at up to 35%.

Dell offers discounts of 10% on equipment and more on Geek Squad services.

Hewlett Packard offers discounts of up to 20% as well as free shipping.

Microsoft offers 30% off on Microsoft Office.

Verizon offers 15% off on plans and 25% off on accessories.


Berklee School of Music offers discounts of up to 30%.

California Southern University offers 10% off of tuition.

Mid-America Christian University offers a 15% military discount.

Regent University offers fixed rate tuition discounts.

St. Joseph University offers discounts to service members and their spouses.

Trident University offers discounts of up to 33%.


Gold’s Gym offers 20% off of monthly membership fees.

Group Health Eye Care offers 20% off prescription glasses.


Lowe’s will discount everything by 10%.

Yankee Candle will give you 10% off.


Geico offers a 15% discount.


AARP offers veterans 20% off on membership.

Costco offers a $50 membership bonus to new members.

Sam’s Club offers cash bonuses of up to $25 for new members and renewals.


Bed n Biscuit Inn near Gainesville, FL offers soldiers and vets 10% off on animal grooming and boarding.


Park, Ride, Fly offers a fourth-day-free parking discount.

AMTRAK offers 10% off.

Marriott Hotels offer variable discounts.

Red Lion Hotels offer up to 30% off of their best rates.